Happy Apple Announcement Day!

Given the high bar Apple has set (iPhone 5 technology), I (now) expect the iPhone 5Cs price to be on the high end of estimates, and possibly higher.

-Thinking about iPhone Pricing | stratēchery by Ben Thompson

Today, Apple is expected to announce new iPhone (and iPod) hardware and set hard dates for the release of iOS 7. In celebration of such a joyous occasion in the world of Apple, I thought I would share the most sobering item I could find on the subject. Ben Thompson thinks we should all slow our rolls, so to speak, and realize that low cost does not mean cheap in iPhone terms. I will be waiting with bated breath this afternoon to see the final outcome of all this jaw-wagging, but I am nonetheless excited.

Generally, Apple live streams these events through their website, but many other outlets are on-site and live blogging, so be sure to check them out. I’ll update this post (and Twitter) with my sources when the time comes.

UPDATE: Just to help out with the search for a viable liveblog, I have listed just a few sites that will be covering the news. There are tons more blogs on-site, so be sure to follow the one that will give you the right coverage for your interests. Enjoy!

Ars Technica
The Verge

Posted: September 10, 2013

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