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The PS Vita TV

September 9, 2013

Honestly, of all the things I thought I might be interested in today, the last thing was a PlayStation-branded product, let alone a Sony product. The PS Vita TV is arguably the most intriguing entry into the crowded set-top box market yet due to its ability to play PS Vita games out-of-box and, it seems, use all the Sony apps that once made PlayStation the most-oft-used Netflix box around. Where it gets interesting is that you can play regular PlayStation games through a feature called Remote Play if you already own a PlayStation console.

I wonder whether Sony saw the writing on the wall regarding Apple’s future entry into the gaming market with the Apple TV and decided to make a play to beat Apple to the punch. The product, which will only be released in Japan for the time being, looks interesting and I think Sony just got a lot more competitive (read: future-proof) if this little box catches on.