Rehashing the App Store Business Model

Unless there is some sort of significant App Store regime change or a decision maker gets a bump on the head followed by an epiphany, upgrade pricing and demos are not coming to the App Store or Mac App Store. Adjust your apps and business models accordingly.

-David Chartier, Apple already answered our requests for App Store upgrade pricing and demos”

David has a great point and others, such as the venerable Adam Grossman and Shawn Blanc, have decried the current rules regarding trials on the iOS and Mac App Stores. Neverthless, I am unsure that we will ever see a future in which free trials or upgrade pricing is a thing in Apple’s world. I am not on the App Store currently in any capacity, but in the future, for everyone’s sake, I hope that future consumers understand that, frugality aside, good things cost money.

Posted: September 6, 2013

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