Gruber on Nintendo

One thing that has long fascinated me about Walt Disney was that he was always looking for the next big thing, and never worried about protecting the last big thing. (In this way, I’ve always thought Disney’s mindset and leadership were strikingly similar to those of Steve Jobs.) They started by making animated short films, and conquered that. With Snow White, they ventured into features, at a time when the consensus was that no one wanted to see feature-length animated films. But the key decision was Disney’s embrace of television in the 1950’s. All other movie studios eschewed television. They saw it as a lesser medium — tiny screens, tinny sound, fuzzy picture quality. Of course, they also saw it as a threat. But not Walt Disney. He saw television as an opportunity. A way to expand his company’s reach.

That, to me, is how I wish Nintendo saw iOS gaming.

-Daring Fireball: Nintendo in Motion

Gruber has definitely thought this all through and I think his ideas would be great for the consumer, maybe not so great for Nintendo long-term. Also, I think there is a pride that Nintendo will have to get over long before they start cannibalizing (read: disrupting) their current businesses in these ways.

Posted: September 3, 2013

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