Kevin Spacey on TV

Kevin Spacey is one smart man! Here he discusses the state of the television (and film) industry at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. He seems to understand what most of the tech press has been harping about regarding the reticence of the TV industry to move to subscription models. The most striking thing about his speech is the discussion of the pilot episode phenomenon which exists more in the US than in the UK. I have quoted some of it below, which begins around 1 minute, 30 seconds:

Last year, 113 pilots were made, 35 of those were chosen to go to air, 13 of those were renewed, but most of those are gone now.

After watching just one of those twenty-two shows that were not renewed for a second season, I launched into a diatribe about network television’s inability to decide what they want: the popular or the praiseworthy. Kevin Spacey lays it out much more succinctly. If you are interested in watching the entire lecture, you can find it here. Enjoy!

Posted: August 30, 2013

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