Basil Ingredient Scaling

Today, Basil received a nice 1.6 update. This update brings a really obvious, simple feature that many other recipe applications include: ingredient scaling. It’s really convenient while in the kitchen to be able to adjust a recipe’s yield according to your needs (the amount of jambalaya you need for two on a quiet weeknight is a little different than the amount you need to make while having guests), and it’s conceptually very simple.

Except it’s not so simple.

-Kyle Baxter, Yeah, That Feature Should be Easy to Do”

I assisted in beta-testing for this version of Basil. Kyle and I worked hard and we think we got all the edge cases for the new feature, but we are human and ingredient scaling has a lot of weird edge cases.

I know that ingredient scaling has been on my list of desired features for Basil for a long time, so I was glad when Kyle approached me with this addition. There are a few other features in the pipeline that I am really excited for, so stay tuned if you use Basil currently and if not, now is the time to go buy it!

Posted: August 7, 2013

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