Steve Jobs Schools

Speaking of the future of the classroom, I came across the Steve Jobs Schools in the Netherlands the other day and it is astounding how far ahead some of these schools are in comparison to our nation’s school systems. The idea of doing away with grade levels alone is ingenious, but likely to get so much pushback from unions that it would almost certainly never occur in the US on a larger scale.

As a handsome and directly connected aside, Apple updated their Apple and Education website today in the attempt to better showcase the use of Apple technologies in the classroom. The Loop website had this to say:

Each section presents its own stories and resources, allowing you to find the best teaching plan, apps and information to suit your style. There is even a section profiling schools that have used technology to further their student’s knowledge and education.

-Jim Dalrymple

Sounds like a great resource and some evidence that education continues to be an important piece to Apple’s overall strategy, especially given the fact that they want kids to learn to use and enjoy Apple products as early as possible to create brand loyalty as they grow up.

Posted: August 22, 2013

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