The 75 — 20 — 5 Rule

MG Siegler:

By the time I had read a few hundred articles, I had my thesis for what I’ll call the 75 — 20 — 5 Rule”.

That is, on any given day, I’d say 75 percent of what you read in the tech press is somewhat accurate, 20 percent is complete bullshit, and 5 percent is actually true.

Those with knowledge of the actual truth rarely speak out because, what’s the point? In our age of breakneck news cycles, a story will likely be forgotten about the next day unless you make a stink about it.

I have severely cut down on what sources I read and whom I trust in my reading because there is so much misinformation out there now; in addition, some of the misinformation is planted for political or maniacal reasons. I may not have many followers on the Internet, but one of the things I have always promised to those who do was to not post until it was something discerned and honest.

Posted: July 22, 2013

In 2022, I am participating in two leadership training programs. This should be a social experience, so I am writing about it. Check out the full list of posts in the series here.

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