July 12, 2013

The Problem with the ‘Man of Steel’ ending

Morality, Superman, Alan Moore, and the President

My wife and I went to see Man of Steel this weekend and while my expectations were not overly high, I was disappointed with the ending, which I will not spoil here. However, the ending provided me with a desire to research Superman lore in the attempt to reconcile this new style of Superman with the comic book hero’s past.

In my research I found this well-written Entertainment Weekly article, which discusses the typical superhero scenarios, as well as some nice looks into broad-spectrum morality, Alan Moore, Superman, and President Obama. In addition, there need to be spoilers for this type of discussion, so don’t click the link unless you have seen the movie or don’t care.

I can’t really choose a good blockquote, so I will let the article as a whole stand on its own. Enjoy!


link Superman Film Morality

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