Writers I Read: Thomas Brand” - 512 Pixels

Good look at the work of Thomas Brand over at 512 Pixels from last year. Accessibility comes up towards the end of the interview, which is always a fascinating topic within the Apple universe. Enjoy.

Stephen: How do you think that access to technology for handicapped individuals will improve in the future?

Thomas: With each new feature, with each step forward, there is nothing stopping us from extending innovation to all members of society no matter their physical or mental limitations. The experience may not be the same for all users, but with a little consideration a task can be performed by any user no matter their handicap. Technology has empowered able bodied people to accomplish miracles. Why can’t it be used to empower impaired people to accomplish the same miracles? The difference between technology and accessible technology is that someone made the conscious decision to make that technology available to all users. Who would have thought the iPhone, a device with no physical buttons would be a computer blind people would want to use? The iPhone is a accessible device because someone at Apple wanted to make it an accessible device. They gave it VoiceOver, and haptic feedback through vibration so the blind could navigate its featureless display. They gave it visual notifications and adapted the camera’s flash so the deaf could be notified of an incoming message. All of these features were possible with existing technology, all it took was the consideration of a company to make them accessible to all users. As long as companies like Apple continue to push the importance of accessibility in their products, we will continue to observe improvements in accessibility that progress in parallel with the advancement of technology.

Writers I Read: Thomas Brand — 512 Pixels

Posted: March 7, 2012

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