Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs’

There is no single quote that portray’s this review of the Steve Jobs book in its entirety, so you should read the whole thing. Here is a taste:

Isaacson’s book may well be the defining resource for Jobs’s personal life — his childhood, youth, eccentricities, cruelty, temper, and emotional outbursts. But as regards Jobs’s work, Isaacson leaves the reader profoundly and tragically misinformed.


What we need is the story of the one man who spearheaded so many remarkable products and who built an amazing and unique company.

These quotes show well why I have refrained in part from reading the bio. From everything I have read about the book, as an Apple enthusiast and technologically informed person, there is no way that this book is for a person like me. I have also been told of other books on the horizon that will be more technical and true-to-form, like Jobs would have preferred. At that time, I will write on the book that I read with a, hopefully, satiated appetite for such matters.

Posted: February 29, 2012

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