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This week we look at things that are debatable, just perhaps not in the way that some people intended. For example, can anyone at Business Insider look themselves in the mirror each morning? Debatable. Also, are online debates where readers vote for a winner worth anything? At all? Debatable. Finally, if a scandal can’t be pinned on Apple, can it really be called a scandal? Debatable. Apparently.


Stop. Linking. To. Business. Insider.


The problem with these debates” is that they tend to favor the person who’s willing to drive fastest around the bend of extremism, over the railing of sanity, and into the ravine of…well, whatever kind of ravine is full of crap like the Great Debate.

and last but definitely not least…

If a tree falls in a forest, it apparently doesn’t make as much of a sound unless Apple’s holding an axe.


Posted: December 3, 2011

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