Ben Brooks is awesome!

Ben Brooks, over at his blog, The Brooks Review, has run a couple articles that have made my day:

Buyer’s Remorse Over Windows and It Gets More Idiotic

These posts follow a new and seemingly suspecting (read: knowing) Windows buyer who has chosen a strange path to say the least: sticking with the PC after a horrible time over the first few days. You will have to read the saga via the above links and I hope there is more to come to be honest because I would love to see Ben’s reaction to more idiocy, but I have one comment.

Now you are saying that price doesn’t matter — all Windows computers crash? If you know that then why did you complain in the first place? Why did you buy Windows? *

*I know why, but I fear she doesn’t. She’s cheap/frugal.

As an IT guy, a Mac guy, and a frugal person all in one, I have a hard time believing that the reason why Ms. Oricchio would buy a Windows machine is due to frugality; don’t give us frugal people a bad name! I believe her motives to be more about naiveté than simply being cheap (especially since she seems to have no intention of taking the computer back). I can be downright stingy some times, but I see the value in the upfront purchase price of a Mac (not to mention the ridiculous resale value). Maybe the sentiment is that I am simply more interested in paying money upfront for a better user experience, which is of more value to me long term.

Posted: August 4, 2011

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