Comments on Consumers Don’t Want Prototypes (They Want iPads)”

ReadWriteWeb’s Sarah Perez has written a great bird’s-eye view of the current state of things in the mobile technology industry. It is really unfortunate that the author is correct in his points.

  1. Windows Phone: waiting for a hardware partner or software update to cure all ills
  2. Android tablets as app-less commercial failures
  3. Android phones as shipping prototypes
  4. RIMs Playbook as unfinished software on top of production hardware
  5. The iPad 2 as the winner, with the rest simply a lot of spaghetti thrown against a wall [with] some that will stick.”

But here is the best line from the article:

Many consumers wait for a company to tell them, this is the answer, this is beautiful, this is perfect.” Apple’s messaging does exactly that, and while, on a personal level, the increasingly pretentious commercials drive me a little batty at times, (when technology gets out of the way…that’s when you leap forward…iPad2”), at least Apple isn’t asking for us to believe in a prototype.

Note: Emphasis as originally written

Read Sarah’s full post at here.

Posted: April 27, 2011

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