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Interesting thought: if Android’s market is made up of commoditized feature phones, should it really count as smartphone market share? I would like to see what percentage of the phones sold with Android installed are actually being used to their full potential as smartphones and what percentage are being used as Erica Sadun of TUAW states here:

They wanted web access, e-mail, and a camera on their phone — at an affordable price — and they got it.

Deep Thoughts - Why Android’s market share doesn’t matter

So people buying Android are not looking for an ecosystem, they are looking for a phone.

Another interesting thought: my last phone was a Nokia XpressMusic 5310 and it could play music, surf the web (although hobbled by its browser), take pictures, and check email. If this is what people are looking for, they can save over $200 at checkout and thousands of dollars over the course of their contract and get exactly what they need in this feature phone, instead of that $200 Android feature phone that is carried by this fad.

Read Erica’s full post at here.

Posted: April 27, 2011

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