iPad 2 release spells a bleak 2011 for other tablet makers - Chicago Sun-Times


I do think we’ll see stiff competition for the iPad sometime soon. These other companies are just in a predictable early student stage of artistic development. In 2010 and, it appears, 2011, they’re still just learning how to use the tools and are busy copying the Old Masters.

Before long, they’ll grow frustrated by the limitations that they see in the work they’re copying and will be free to truly push the tablet form forward.

Yet again, Andy Ihnatko brings his wit and foresight to bear with a great analysis of how to beat the iPad.  I also enjoy reading the good that is left of the Chicago news segment.  My hope is that the iPad will be challenged because it will be good for innovation and the consumer in the long run.

Posted: March 13, 2011

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