Apple, please use the technologies you gained from Lala!

Is Apple going to give us all 100GB of cloud storage to host our music, backups and sync data? That seems a bit much to me. Here’s what I think will happen with Apple’s new MobileMe service.

Instead of trying to provide everyone with cloud storage, I believe Apple will use MobileMe as the brain of the cloud service. The actual storage will be on our individual machines. In effect, in the cloud.

MobileMe Revamp to Focus on Streaming Data From Individual Machines, Not Cloud? - Mac Rumors

I completely agree that Apple isn’t going to give everyone 100GB of storage in the cloud, but what I am hoping is that Apple uses Lala’s ability to stream from what a user’s library has in it by identifying the music, video, etc in each library.  This would entail that Apple has one copy of a song and anyone who owns that song (in their iTunes Library at home) is able to stream it from Apple’s cloud store of Music.  The same would then be true for videos purchased in the iTunes store and so on… think about it, people!

Posted: February 14, 2011

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