May 22, 2010

Google Takes on Apple at I/O Conference

Okay, one good dig at Apple by Google at its I/O event over the last two days seemed like the right thing to do given their recent bickering over a range of issues.

Two digs at its rival was probably appropriate. Three, welllll, okay, if you insist.

Even dopier: The search giant’s display of a 1984” poster with the motto, Not the Future We Want,” which was a cloddish reference to Apple’s innovative commercial aimed at IBM (IBM) decades ago.

Note to Google: A scary search behemoth with a stranglehold on Internet advertising isn’t really believable as a victim of The Man”–in this case, Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Viral Video: Google Takes on Apple at I/O Conference - Kara Swisher - BoomTown - AllThingsD

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