Monument Circle: Is It Ready?

@urbanophile’s take on Monument Circle’s move to become a pedestrian-only area:

With that said, the Circle will be going the way of a pedestrian mall in August, whether it’s ready or not. Since it is going to happen, I have a few questions about implementation. First, why is this experiment only lasting a month? This timeframe seems too short to come to any concrete conclusions regarding the success of this trial. Instead, the City should look at a June-August schedule, lasting the duration of summer and allowing the populace to get used to the idea of a pedestrian mall downtown. Second, are there any events or space utilization planned for this month-long experiment? I hope so, as something special needs to happen to draw patrons down to the Circle to see firsthand the vitality a pedestrian mall can create. If the space is simply opened and the new space isn’t utilized, expect the experiment to wane in popularity. And third, what are the pedestrian mall boundaries going to be? I recommend extending the mall out a half-block in each direction on Meridian and Market, giving even more space for possible programmed events that are badly needed on the Circle.”

Posted: May 4, 2010

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