This one time… the story of jedisoccermom”

Recently, I entered a contest for an HP DM3 through the blog,  In order to enter, each contestant had to divulge their most embarrassing AIM screenname.  For most, the question is moot, as their first screenname is normally the most embarrassing, being that it was created during the awkward tweener and teeange years of melodrama and angst.  Mine, however, is a little more formidable and is actually still my current screenname because I have self confidence (I think), but it surely is my most embarrassing. Believe me, I would go back to some of the older ones of my teenage years, but I don’t think I will ever shy away from using jedisoccermom.  Therefore, I wanted to take this post to explain, once and for all, the story behind the screenname… (after the break)

I am from Chicago, originally.  As such, I tend to be proud of that fact and show it in my actions as well.  In moving to Indianapolis, I noticed a fair amount of difference in the driving ability of the other drivers around me, but I digress.

While I still lived in Chicago, we are all proud of the fact that we can parallel park better than most of the country.  So much so that when I was still driving my parent’s mini-van, I was able to fit into spots with just enough room to fit the vehicle.  Driving around with Andy and Amanda in a neighborhood on the near-NW side of the city, Divison and Damen for the natives, we were (of course) unable to find parking.  We finally found something that was just enough room and they said that I would never fit the van in the spot.  On my first try, I got it.  As we got out of the car, in awe of the feat, we realized that I was basically on the bumper of the cars both in front and behind my vehicle.

Andy goes, You would have to be a soccer mom with the power of the Jedi force in order to do that again!”  The sentiment stuck…

Posted: November 19, 2009

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