The true first post

After having my brain explode with information this morning, I realized I needed to start a blog… So I did!

I always thought that I would enjoy blogging, but I could never keep up with it. Well, I understand now that idea came from the fact that I had a life at the time. Not to say that I no longer do, but what I realize is that now that I have a job, my thoughts come out less, which is frustrating since I think I have some pretty damn good thoughts some times.

In effect, I will be using this space to update and to ponder, to celebrate and to be annoyed, but mostly, it will be a place to throw something down that I can point to and say, I wrote that.” I am an engineer with a mind for technology and social media; I like to talk and I like to think through things; I like my wife and I like my dog, but if they don’t get something, maybe the readers will.

And that is the beginning of this chapter…

Posted: November 4, 2009

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