On Blog Updating

While even this post is merely blog filler, I wanted to make a statement about which I have been worried for about a week now: I have difficulty with time.  I am the type of person who focuses often and very hard.  I recently found a problem with a development server and spent the next two to three days working on it because it was just that important to me to get it back up and running.  An hour and a half after fixing it (the present), I am realizing that I haven’t posted (or written down for that matter) any of the ideas that have crossed my mind in the last weekend.

This weekend, I was in a wedding.  I was an usher, yes, but nonetheless I helped an old friend start his married life in style.  Well, as much style as one can while wearing brown!  In that, I saw other old friends and while I worked on getting the broken server working again, I paid no such mind to Tumblr or Blogspot… I will continue to do my best to bring my thoughts to the typed page, I just need to continue to find the time!

Posted: November 16, 2009

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