A quick realization for later post

While playing a game on my wife’s iPod Touch called Textropolis [iTunes Link] (good game, btw), I realized the game is flawed. The game calls forward the name of a city and asks the player to create words from the letters in the city’s name, similar to anagrams. As a die-hard Scrabble player, I pride myself on these types of word games. I truly enjoy their inner workings and the reasoning behind their creation. However, when I unlocked Port Louis, I found the flaw. If you look for anagrams, any word buff might see the word, slut” in Port Louis. However, upon entering that word, I found that the app didn’t think my submission was valid. This is my problem with the current Apple App Store rating and submission system (more on this when I ponder a full post). What I’d like to point out is the fact that the developer felt the need to rid the game of a valid word choice in order to stay a harsh rating or the frat boy creators missed the word slut” as an option (unlikely!). This simply seems ludicrous and I will post more, as I have more information on the subject of the rating system.

Posted: November 7, 2009

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