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The activist and the persecutor November 20, 2016
My thoughts in the aftermath of the election are not kind to the group with whom I was born to identify.

My last post was an announcement that I would be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. Suffice it to say, my novel-writing adventure was cut short by the election. Suddenly, I felt that writing a novel was much less important than being involved in the response to the situation in which we as a country find ourselves. However, the election results did help me flesh out some feelings that are relevant to the book, so consider this post an excerpt.

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The activist and the persecutor November 20, 2016
My thoughts in the aftermath of the election are not kind to the group with whom I was born to identify.

NaNoWriMo October 31, 2016
I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo; God help me.

Picking Up The Pebbles October 25, 2016
How Pebble’s feature additions have strengthened my desire for the Apple Watch.

Apple’s Trial Run October 19, 2016
There is a seemingly standard period of time during which every Apple product could be a success or a failure.

Reading the Apple Tea Leaves September 17, 2016
Any major move Apple makes can be traced back to previous product improvements, in hindsight.

Fashionable Apple August 17, 2016
Apple has always had something fashionable up its sleeve; it didn't start with the Apple Watch.

On Windows August 16, 2016
With my retrospective on writing, I came across an old post about Windows; good thing Microsoft doesn’t change!

On Writing, A Retrospective June 24, 2016
I finally completed one of my long-standing wishes: to migrate my back catalog of writings. Here is what I found.

On Smart Things June 12, 2016
With Apple’s WWDC keynote looming and Pebble’s recent Kickstarter campaign, why not write about smart wearables?!

On Fighting March 31, 2016
At this time more than any other, we need to stand together and fight the status quo.

Why I bought Day One 2.0 February 10, 2016
Day One 2.0 was a paid upgrade; don’t complain when someone’s livelihood is at stake!

The Future of Computing January 21, 2016
With the help of @benjaminbrooks, I discover a likely path forward for computing devices in general.

Journaling Simplicity January 12, 2016
This will be an interesting year, as I attempt to add simplicity to my life prior to an upcoming familial addition.

2016 or Embracing Simplicity December 28, 2015
For my second outing on @withSpoken, I discuss new year's resolutions and embracing simplicity.

Smartwatches and Smart Watches December 4, 2015
Smart wearables, smart watches, and smartwatches; are you confused? I try to sift and winnow.

Ben Brooks on Sleep November 23, 2015
I can't add anything to this fantastic rant about sleep from @benjaminbrooks, but I agree with every word.

Silence, Siri! November 20, 2015
I don't normally link to tips and tricks, but this one seems like a no brainer that should have been a default!

Spoken and Podcasting November 13, 2015
I am trying out @withSpoken with my first post; I go meta with podcasting.

Ben Brooks on Minimalism November 11, 2015
Looking for a great post on tech minimalism? Today, I discuss and link to such a post by @BenjaminBrooks.

British Plug Design November 5, 2015
Recently, @TheLoop linked to an article and video about plug design and I'll never look at it the same way again.

TouchScale November 4, 2015
One digital scale app was rejected from the iOS App Store, so the open web has provided a rudimentary alternative.

Apple TV App Discoverability Follow-up November 3, 2015
Another excellently-titled blog post from @JoeCaiati, this time about app discoverability on the new Apple TV.

An App and an Apple TV November 2, 2015
The new Apple TV is here and I love it, but why is managing the device so hard?! Also, @SketchParty is now better than ever!

Gravity, A Must-Have Rejected iOS App October 28, 2015
Gravity - An app that did something truly novel was yet again rejected.

The Medium October 25, 2015
@JoeCaiati wrote about blogging, which got me thinking and got me writing about blogging. How meta!

Hobbies (and Another Basil Review) October 14, 2015
Busy morning: a new site design (and host) and a new post about my hobbies and @kbaxter’s fantastic Basil app.

The iPad September 16, 2015
After a long hiatus, we're back with a discussion about the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

An Urban Oasis August 24, 2015
I can't believe it has taken me this long to share this.

Dark Side of the Moon August 11, 2015
Dr. Drang's math equations took me fondly back to college.

Eloquent Roundup, Week 7 June 26, 2015
Big week and long roundup, but I still had to leave things out. Also, a shout out to @shawnblanc.

Eloquent Roundup, Week 6 June 19, 2015
This week’s roundup: a week later, I’m still combing through everything that Apple announced.